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OTT Content Market Growth to Fuel OTT Monitoring and Analytics Tools

Today's press release for an OTT industry report by Future Market Insights stated:

"The emergence of the live streaming trend and virtual reality technology is a great opportunity for major players to develop innovative offerings in the OTT content market. An increase in the adoption of high speed broadband, along with the increasing demand for smartphones and smart televisions is contributing to the growth of the OTT content market. Players in the market are continuously upgrading their product portfolios to meet the increasing demands in the competitive global OTT content market"

According to the research report published by Future Market Insights (FMI), "the global OTT content market is expected to foresee a strong CAGR of 17.4% from 2018 to 2028. In 2017, the market was worth US$ 44,391.0 Mn and is projected to rise to a valuation of US$ 245,814.4 Mn by the end of 2028."

This strong growth is fueling the need for OTT tools - OTT monitoring and analytics. This includes video/audio decoding, investigation (video freeze, video black, audio silence, audio overload, audio constant, signal loss, etc.) and error detection. OTT tools should include setting of thresholds and alarms, where alarming can be forwarded to 3rd party monitoring systems.

Dimetis has created a video stream monitoring and analysis solution, BOSS STREAM Viewer, which can monitor and analyze SDI streams in cable, satellite-terrestrial, compression centers, play-out and transmission centers, DVB, OTT, Web, remote production and IPTV headends, network operations centers and IPTV distribution networks. BOSS STREAM Viewer will also provide for OTT monitoring and analytics.

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