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Next Generation OSS Automation & Orchestration Platform For Live Video
Because of new emerging market and technology demands such as 5G, Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming video and Internet-of-Things (IoT), Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are being challenged...
Automation and Orchestration in networks usecase
Dimetis project for rbb, mdr
Dimetis-Harmonic Solution for ARD (rbb & MDR)
Case Study for Dimetis BOSS BROADCAST Manager

Next Generation DTT NMS Integrated Solution with Harmonic Electra X for ARD German Broadcasters rbb & MDR

Case Study rbb & mdr BOSS BROADCAST Manager
Vodafone / ARD - Transport Network
Use Case for Dimetis BOSS LINK Manager
Vodafone´s customer is ARD, a German consortium of public broadcasters. ARD has 12 different distributed central stations where content and data are exchanged. This Use Case outlines how Dimetis streamlined the complex processes and allowed the user to focus on their daily jobs (seamless transport of data/content).
Layer 2, IP, Cloud & Optical Services Orchestration in a Multi-Vendor Environment
Use Case for Dimetis OpsNGN
Virtualization, automation and orchestration of CSPs networks hold the promise to dramatically change the fundamental economics while accelerating the delivering and breadth of services. This use case will outline the challenges and orchestration solution for a multi-vendor network for a North American Tier 1 & 2 CSP.
Orchestration in a Multi-Vendor Environment
Network Management System
Broadwing (Level 3 Communications/CenturyLink)
Dimetis developed a sophisticated Network Management & Control System integrated into their OSS for network configuration, scheduling, connections for SDI/ASI/Ethernet, permanent monitoring of all nodes, ports and connections and much more.
Monitor & Control Systems for Remote Switches
Deutsche Telekom
Dimetis developed the concept, specifications and tested code for an OSS system that could perform many functions including managing mission-critical switching systems, planning, media workflow automation and invoicing systems.
Network Planning & Control Systems
Telekom Austria
Dimetis developed an OSS software system that integrated with other systems - performing management of configurations data (network, devices, links, etc.), definition of jobs/connections, planning of links/lines within the network, routing, bandwidth management, fault processing an
NMS/OSS System for Tier-1 Service Provider
Submitted to TM Forum
Current/Legacy OSS and Network Management Systems cannot quickly provision and manage (in real-time) video services per growing market demands. The Dimetis system is installed and operational. The video-aware management systems provides a unique modular solution for media companies, video broadcasters and content delivery network operators.
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