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Driven By Success

Dimetis is a carrier grade software development company that serves the media and service provider industry. The mission is to create solutions that simplify, optimize and secure the communication and management of video, audio and data infrastructures along the media value creation chain.

Providing solutions for over 20 years to many leading carriers, broadcasters and media service providers, Dimetis has built up a professional and trusting partnership with its loyal customer base to deliver solutions and services for a wide range of networking management platforms from video contribution to broadcast distribution. This includes expertise across ingest, post-production, playout and video distribution workflows for improved efficiency, ease of management, monitoring, futureproofing, automation and scalability.

Dimetis is a member of the SVG, RAVENNA, FKTGIABM bodies, which are dedicated to defining functional requirements and standards for the next generation networks and emerging architectures.

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