Dimetis BOSS STREAM Viewer®

simultaneously decodes and graphically displays multiple transport streams

  • BOSS STREAM Viewer® is a software-based Multiviewer, capable of decoding, displaying, and analyzing of DVB and SDI content. It features a fully configurable screen layout where all elements - including up to 4 bar-graph audio channels per video source - can be independently sized and positioned.

  • Features

    • Up to 25 SD or 6 HD DVB transport stream services per server (via ASI or IP)
    • Up to 35 services on one screen
    • Up to 12 SD-SDI or 8 HD-SDI
    • Blocking and Blurring analyse
    • Dynamic PMT and Present Following
    • Streaming authentication (IGMP)
    • DVB and TXT subtitles decoder
    • Layout design via WEB GUI
    • Automatic input detection (channel name, aspectratio, EIT, DD, audio channels, TXT)
  • Advantages and benefits

    • lowering cost of CAPEX with a software based approach and standard HW
    • reducing CAPEX by dynamically changing the monitored services

    Technical details

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