Dimetis BOSS Platform™

Dimetis Broadcast OSS (BOSS)

The Dimetis BOSS Platform consists of software modules that provide optimum management, monitoring and controlling of the components that improve business processes in a broadcast world lowering OPEX and CAPEX.

The Dimetis BOSS Platform is specially tuned for the hardware and software requirements of the broadcast world. It is a true "Broadcast OSS Platform".

The Dimetis BOSS Platform enables broadcasters, broadcast carriers and media companies to:

  • configure, manage, monitor and maintain equipment, facilities and networks
  • create, deploy, manage and maintain the services on these networks
  • provide business information necessary to insure customer delight

The Dimetis BOSS Platform offers all the leading-edge features required to efficiently operate broadcast networks and services to perfectly anticipate and fulfill the needs of the customers such as:

  • to roll-out new services i.e. HD, 3D faster
  • to be able to scale with customers growth 
  • to get data in-synch with dynamic changes of networks
  • to get users and staff trained very fast
  • to be integrated into current and future method of operations
  • to handle all of resources and services within a network and beyond

Please select and choose the required component with or without cloud components on broadcast best practices.

Distribution Suite (Playout/Headend Control)


  • Simultaneously decodes and graphically displays multiple transport streams


  • SPTS/MPTS transport stream recorder for conformance recording and extended analysis of recorded content

BOSS EPG Monitor

  • Live SI/PSI analyzer with extended analysis and display of EIT data


  • Configures, controls and monitors devices within a broadcast facility

BOSS EPG Generator

  • Extremely flexible and full-featured playout server for SI/PSI data with an intuitive user interface and plug-in support

Contribution Suite

BOSS Schedule

  • Schedules equipment resources and media transmission lines


  • Series dynamically configures, schedules, monitors and controls video/audio/data connections across transmission networks of all types


  • Moves large media files over wide area networks faster, more reliably and securely than conventional file transfer protocols